Mount Bergen Volunteer Fire Department
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Area Map

Our apparatus parked on Bergen Lane on a clear day in the mountains.

Welcome to the Mount Bergen Volunteer Fire Department's web site. We operate three apparatus, an Engine (1711), a Brush Truck (1771), and a Rescue (1751), manned by seven volunteer firefighters, out of a maximum strength of ten, from a quonset hut apparatus storage building and double wide trailer office, located at number 6 Bergen Lane in an unincorporated area commonly called Mount Bergen by area residents. Our volunteers are alerted by pager and we will normally have at least one unit enroute within 3 to 5 minutes of being toned out. Since our coverage area is so small, we will normally have one unit on scene within 5 minutes of the apparatus leaving the station. Per our charter we do not currently operate, nor are we equipped to handle interior attacks on structure fires, instead we are set up to prevent structure fires from spreading to the wildland, which would in turn threaten dozens of structures, and hundreds, if not thousands, of acres of forestland.

Even though the area we protect is commonly called Mount Bergen, the actual Mount Bergen is many miles away up Mount Bergen State Park Road. Mount Bergen is completely surrounded by the forests of Mount Bergen State Park and is the last hold out of privately owned property in the area. Much of the land around Mount Bergen was originally owned by lumber companies and many sawmills operated in the area in the early 1800's through the mid 1900's. Most of this land was later bought by the state to form Mount Bergen State Park. Today, only the Bergen Sawmill survives, however, it operates with only a handful of employees due to the limitations on logging now in place. Other then a few ranches that offer horse training and boarding, the only other businesses in Mount Bergen are the Mount Bergen County Store, Dr. Herbert Ross D.V.M., and Cameron's Restaurant, all located at 2120 Mount Bergen State Park Road.

Our funding comes from donations and from fundraising, such as our ongoing bake sales, our semi-yearly flea market, and our monthly pancake breakfasts at Cameron's Restaurant. Stop by Cameron's the first Saturday of every month to eat some great pancakes and to help a needy fire department. You can also drop off donations for the flea market there too!

A special thank you goes out to all those who have donated to keep our department up and running and ready to respond!

If you have any questions or comments, E-Mail our webmaster!

We are a proud member of the LMFD.

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