Mount Bergen Volunteer Fire Department - Area Map
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Area Map

Here is a map of our coverage area, which includes all of the unincorporated area of Mount Bergen, which is not part of Mount Bergen State Park.

There are about 30 individual residential properties, some of which have more then one actual residence on them, while a couple others are ranches. There are two commercial properties including the Bergen Sawmill at 2095 Mount Bergen State Park Road, and the Mount Bergen County Store (A), Dr. Herbert Ross D.V.M. (B), and Cameron's Restaurant (C), all located at 2120 Mount Bergen State Park Road.

Thankfully most of the area is covered by hydrants supplied by two 250,000 gallon water tanks and pump house near the top of Mount Bergen State Park Road. The pump house will start automatically once a large quantity of water is flowing, normally about 1000 gallons per minute, or it can be activated manually. The Bergen Sawmill has it's own 110,000 water tank and pump house, while the Double M Ranch has it's own 60,000 gallon water tank. The Double M Ranch's water tank is hooked into the hydrant system, but will only flow water when the hydrant located beyond the Double M Ranch gate is flowing water. The Bergen Sawmill's water tank and hydrant are not hooked into the hydrant system, but is instead a closed system. Public water is used to fill their water tank, but all the water used on the grounds of the sawmill comes from their water tank. Their water tank may be used for firefighting, but only if their pump house is placed into operation since normally the water used there is only gravity fed directly from their water tank.

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