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05/08/09 - 1711 is still out of service from last year's accident. All calls are being handled by 1771 and 1751 with the remainder of volunteers responding directly to the scene of incidents in their own vehicles. Given the current state of the economy, the date of replacement of 1711 is unknown, however, several ideas have been tossed around to try to combine the functions of 1711 and 1751 into a new (or used) single unit.

07/17/08 (0802hrs) - After a quiet June with no calls, 1711 manned by Assistant Chief David Scott and Firefighter Murphy Newstead made a 6+ hour mutual aid run to the southern end of the State. 1711 was requested by the Lego Deptartment of Forestry as a Type 3 Water Tender. Due to the early start of wildfire season the State's fire resources were depleted and Water Tenders were in short supply. Once on scene 1711 was immediately put to work shuttling water into areas where some of the other Water Tenders, which were much larger, couldn't fit. On day three of the fire, 1711, LDF Battalion 1, and LDF Engine 110, were enroute to assist with a structure fire when a sudden change of wind threatened to push the fire across the highway. Due to the strategic nature of the highway, and the fact it could act as a firebreak, Battalion 1 got permission from Command for 1711 and LDF Engine 110 to try to hold the highway and they would dispatch other units to assist them, and would redirect other units to the structure fire to assist the engine and patrol that were on scene there. With the help of rotary wing air support, 1711 and LDF 110 were able to hold the highway. Photo below taken by LDF Air 2.

After being cleared from the fire, and once they were enroute back to the Mount Bergen area, 1711 was involved in a motor vehicle accident. While on the freeway a tractor trailer blew a tire and lost control, skidding across all the lanes of traffic. Firefighter Newstead swerved to avoid crashing into it and lost control, 1711 ended up skidding up underneath an overpass, coming to rest at nearly a 45 degree angle. Neither Firefighter Newstead or Assistant Chief Scott were injured and they were able to self extricate from the wreckage where they assisted the driver of a four door sedan who suffered moderate injuries when he was sideswiped by the tractor trailer. 1711 suffered severe damage to the cab roof, which was basically crushed down, and it also suffered some damage to the front of the rig. It was towed to Sixby Fire and hopefully will be able to be repaired. 1771 is now acting as the first out rig for most responses.

04/15/08 - Turns out you're supposed to have your exempt license plates mounted on front of fire apparatus too. They were mounted by the chief today on the front of all three apparatus. The bumper decals on 1711 and 1771 were removed so the license plates could be mounted correctly.

03/30/08 - We were accepted into the Lego Metro Fire District, or LMFD for short. This step forward will help mutual aid coordination and should hopefully expand our training opportunities with other local departments.

03/27/08 - Web site launches! Special thanks to Sixby Fire, our web site host and webmaster.

03/15/08 - We are fortunate to have recently received 10 used VHF high band portable radios from another department that recently upgraded to a new radio system. This allows us to communicate on the mutual aid fire channels and also every firefighter now is issued their own portable radio and charger. The four extra radios are currently kept at the fire station, however, should any new firefighters join the department, they will be issued to them upon completion of their probationary period.

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